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8 things you must know when choosing a Realtor in the Toronto area

Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Toronto

The process of buying or selling a home is a major one in life. It is one which a wrong decision could haunt you for the rest of your life. For that reason, you will need a professional real estate agent to facilitate the process. Since Toronto Real Estate agents are not in short supply, you have a wide pool to choose from. However, you will need to settle for nothing but the best.

You can use the following criteria to help eliminate unsuitable real estate agents and instead settle for the best;


real estate agents in toronto


1. Work experience.

Before picking a real estate agent in Toronto, you need to make sure they have adequate experience in the field. Experience, more often than not, comes with an increased success rate. Ask questions about the number of homes they’ve sold and the time it took them to make a sale. Information on how long the agent has been in business can be obtained from a regulatory authority or instead, you can opt to just ask the agent in question.

You can also check the agent’s current listings. You can obtain this data from their website or from searchable online databases. Here, you look for the price range, number of listings and the localities involved.

In the course of evaluating their experience, an agent could mention some of their recent clients. You need to talk to such clients so as to know the price ranges as well as get a review of the agent.

2. Familiarity with the locality

A Toronto real estate agent must be familiar with Toronto. They need to be well-versed with its demographics, local politics, schools, health facilities, crime rates, recreational facilities, public transport and also council fees because they influence the choice of a home.

You can ask them questions aimed at establishing how well they know the neighbourhood. To validate their familiarity with the local market, you can ask them of a particular house that was in the market recently. If they give several correct details about that property it means that they have a good mastery of their domain.

3. Availability

A good agent must demonstrate full time availability. You don’t want to entrust your prized house to part-time realtor. The following are some of the reasons you should choose a full time realtor.

· they are more committed to their work

· have broader experience

· they have expanded networks,

· they have a better grasp of the real estate market.

A full-time agent will most likely get you a better deal than the part-time one.

4. Utilization of modern marketing methods

A good real estate agent in Toronto ought to leverage the latest technologies in his line of work and keep up with the market trends. They also have to be good with online marketing owing to its wider reach in addition to having international prospective buyers.

They must also be willing to utilize the services of a professional staging company so as to easily sway the buyers. Moreover, they must demonstrate their ability to boost the listing through virtual tours and high quality photography.

This way, the agent will be better placed to promote and market a property.

5. Networking capabilities

A client expects a Toronto real estate agent to have a bank of potential buyers and sellers.

A winning agent is also one with a strong network of other agents with their own networks and also other service providers like home stagers. Such networks make it easy to get the correct price for a listing.

6. Licensing

You need to find out the licensing requirements for real estate agents in Toronto and only pick those who have been licensed. This helps promote professionalism in the business dealings hence minimizing instances of fraud.

7. Pricing framework

A dependable agent is one who won’t just impose a price on your property but instead use accurate facts and figures to reach at a consideration. They ought to factor in market forces of demand and supply, regional conditions and market history. It is the interplay of such factors that will determine the price of your property.

8. Negotiation skills

A Toronto based real estate agent to go for is one who is confident enough to negotiate for the best deal possible while utilizing their experience, legal knowledge, market forces and information about the property.




Consider these factors, every time you are looking for a real estate agent in Toronto. After choosing your Toronto realtor, make sure you follow all the legal procedures to avoid losing your cash.