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Thank you Rick! Our agent was super quick with helping us find an AMAZING new apartment to rent, and Real Estate Agent Finder helped us find him! Thank you all!

Victor & Sam



You guys set us up with a phenomenal agent, cheers!

Angelo & Ashley



We all know that the rental market is not easy right now...

Rents are through the roof

Landlords only want tenants with a perfect credit score

Apartments are gone before you get a chance to see them

The only places still available are not great

Look, we're not saying that using a Real Estate Agent solves all these problems, however it certainly does make it easier.

When you work with a Realtor®, you suddenly have an insider on your side. A person who's done this a few times over in the current market. Someone who understands what you, and your prospective landlords are going through. They know what makes the other side tick, and they know how to use that to your advantage. 

They know what to suggest that you add to your application to make it stand out, how to best submit it, they know what the landlord can legally ask. 

Here at RealEstateAgentFinder.ca, our job is to 

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Not a single penny! We make our money from referrals from Real Estate Agents, and they eventually get paid from the commission when a home is sold. RealEstateAgentFinder.ca will never cost you anything extra


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Not at all! We strictly work as a connection between people looking for the best real estate agent for their needs, and agents looking for clients who fit their specialties. We work much like other websites you may have used that help you find the best flights, hotels or insurance companies

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For now, just in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, York and Peel). Stay tuned for our expansion across Canada in the near future!





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James was incredible! Thanks so much to the team at Real estate agent finder for connecting us with a phenomenal agent who truly looked out for our best interests

Kathy & Jan



RE Agent Finder was an incredible help when we were selling our home in the Junction. We had a new agent within half an hour and the home sold in 2 days!

John & Lisa


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