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Authentic Encore

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Authentic Encore is an online lead management program, designed specifically for real estate agents. They own and manage multiple real estate websites, including Real Estate Agent Finder. 


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No more postcards. No more websites. No more Facebook and Google Ads. Let Real Estate Agent Finder and Authentic Encore take care of your lead generation, so you can get back to what you're best at - closing deals. 

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RealEstateAgentFinder.ca and our 6 other partner websites are all designed to bring in users who are looking for a real estate agent. When these users fill out the form, they're qualified. They've read our content, searched the keywords, and made a conscious decision that they need a Realtor.

They fill out the designated form (buyer, seller or renter).

Then their info is entered (semi blocked out) into AuthentiLead (our leads management platform, powered by Authentic Encore), where agents like you all have access to the same information about these leads.